Comprehensive Solution of Refractories


Refractories for Mono-stopper

Dalian ZhongTang can design and produce argon purging and non-purging mono-stoppers as per the conditions of continuous casting processes in steel mills. The nose of mono-stopper can be Al2O3-C, MgO-C, Spinel, or ZrO2-C based according to the types of steel to cast. The body and slag zone of mono-stopper are Al2O3-C based.
The mono-stoppers from Dalian ZhongTang can provide stable control of molten steel casting, good corrosion resistance, desired thermal shock resistance, and high-temperature strength. It can last more than 35 hours used for billet caster and more than 20 hours for slab caster. It is suitable for almost all steel casting from normal carbon steel, low carbon steel, ultra-low carbon steel, high Mn steel to high O steel.



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