Comprehensive Solution of Refractories


Comprehensive Solution of Refractories for Tundish

We use our strong R&D technology to design and provide the most suitable refractory products based on water model and digital model in our lab, as customers’ needs and site conditions of different parts of the tundish, combined with our rich experience. We design and provide the full set of refractory materials for tundish, including continuous casting products, working lining, permanent lining and slag weir, turbo stop, and other precast products. In order to meet the higher requirements of customers for tundish refractories, with longer service life, easier demolishing of residual linings, and more conventional construction, we develop and produce dry mass for working lining, which not only meets the above requirements but also ensures that molten steel is purer. It is helpful to produce higher quality steel. We are working hard to serve customers from different countries around the world, and many years of rich experience support us in offering better service to customers.

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