Introduction to the R&D Centre of Dalian Zhongtang High-Temperature Materials Co.

The main functions of the R&D Centre include product development, process technology research and engineering design, etc. The Centre implements the integrated innovation operation mode of “market – scientific research – pilot test – industrialization – market”.
The R&D Centre has more than 20 R&D project teams and 8 design offices, and has established an R&D mechanism that is projected team-centered, market-oriented, aimed at meeting market demand, and closely linked with production and use sites.
The technical staff of the R&D center is well specialized, covering some professional fields, and the disciplines are cross-supplementary to each other, thus enabling the company to have comprehensive R&D and design capabilities such as new product development, engineering design, inspection, and testing, and on-site technical support.
The laboratory of the R&D Centre has more than 100 sets of physical and chemical testing and analysis instruments, including scanning electron microscope (SEM), sequential X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, and other advanced large-scale testing instruments, as well as room temperature and high-temperature testing instruments.
The R&D Centre organizes and implements dozens of research and development projects every year, such as new product development, process technology research, energy-saving, and consumption reduction, etc. It has achieved many scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, including patents, appraisal results, high-tech products, new products, various awards at national and provincial levels.
In 2010, our R&D center was approved by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economic and Information Technology as Beijing Enterprise Technology Centre, and the laboratory of the R&D center was accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment; in 2012, the R&D center was approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology as Beijing Science and Technology Research and Development Institute; in 2013, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the establishment of Beijing Lil New Materials Research Institute based on the R&D center, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security approved the establishment of a national post-doctoral research station in the R&D center.
Our strong R&D and innovation capabilities have provided solid technical support for the rapid development of the Company and its leading position in the industry.

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