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Purging Plug & Well Block

Refractories for Purging Plug & Well Block

Porous Plug developed by Dalian ZhongTang for ladle bottom gas purging takes the lead in the products of the kind not only in China but also in the world. 7 technical achievements on porous plug had passed state-level and provincial-level assessment and the products had been rewarded 17 times for technical innovations and breakthroughs and labeled as “State-level innovative product”. 11 patents related to porous plugs had been authorized by the Patent Bureau of China. Based on customers’ needs, various types of porous plugs can be designed and produced including directional channel, slit type, multipath type, and available with either monolithic assemble of purging cone and well block or exchangeable purging cone from ladle bottom. Gas permeability can be adjusted to customers’ needs with a broad range of permeability and high effectiveness on gas blowing operation. Porous plug produced by Dalian ZhongTang is widely used by more than 80 steel mills in China with above 30% market share. It is also exported to steel mills in countries including Ukraine, Russia, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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