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    Self-flow Castables

    These products can be applied in all areas where applications require low cement, ultra-low cement and non-cement castables. The corundum based SFC is widely used in ladle bottoms, around the seating block areas and EAF roof. Both mullite-based SFC and

    Castables for Ladle

    Castables for ladles show the features of high strength, excellent thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and volume stability. The products can be applied BOF ladles, EAF ladles and refining ladles.

    MgO-based Ramming Mixes

    Magnesite-based ramming mixes are made from magnesia-based raw materials and additives. These products feature high resistance to steel penetration, corrosion resistance and easy installation as well. These products can be used at the joints between ladl

    Aluminium-Magnesium Refractory Material Induction Furnace Ramming Mass

    Aluminum-magnesium castables are mainly prepared from raw materials such as corundum, magnesia, and spinel. The material has high temperature strength, erosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance. It is mainly used for lining of high-temperature