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SiC Black Corrosion-resistant Castable Silicon Carbide castable is a kind of unshaped refractory made of granular and powdery material,

in which add a certain amount of binder and water together. It has high mobility, is suitable for casting construction, and can be hardened

without heating. Refractory castables consist of refractory aggregates, powders, binders, admixtures, water or other liquid materials. Generally

in the use site, it is molded by pour, vibration or tamping method, and can be used as preforms. Refractory castables are mainly used in the 

metallurgical industry furnace, also in the petroleum, chemical, building materials, power and machinery industry furnace and thermal equipment.






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ZT REFRACTORY LIMITED was founded in 2018-05-17, Which is belong to its mother company ZHONG TANG(Dalian) Materials Co., LTD

established in 2010.01.08.  we mainly deals with the export and import of refractory products such as calcined bauxite, DBM, FM, 

refractory bricks and other refractory raw materials and products.

Based on the principles of integrity, cooperation and all-win, always customer first, we will be fully responsible for our product quality 

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